Afena Capital 10 year anniversary video

Afena Insights 22nd Edition Sep 2015

AFE Insights SEP15 Final151027 1“I not only use all the brains that I have,
but all I can borrow”

~ Woodrow Wilson, US President

I would like to offer warm greetings to all. This is my first engagement within this publication from this new seat. For those of you who have seen the Game of Thrones’ throne – this seat feels the way that one looks i.e. powerful but challenging to sit still on for long periods. It is for this reason that, off the bat, I would like to thank and commend my predecessor, friend and partner, Tebogo Naledi, for having lifted as heavy as he has for as long as he has. Under Tebogo’s stewardship, Afena is closing in on its 10th year of having opened its doors. We are walking through this door of the ‘double digits’ with enough scratches, experiences and new knowledge as a typical 10 year old child would.