First things first

What we’re about
Afena Capital is an independent investment management firm that was established in 2005 and currently operates in South Africa and Botswana. We are a multi-disciplinary firm with a focus on equity, fixed income and multi-asset class investment strategies. The clients that we serve include institutional clients such as retirement funds, medical aid funds and insurers, as well as individual private clients. We are a majority black owned..

At the Reigns

The leadership of Afena Capital has been with the firm since inception and has successfully led the firm from a start-up firm in 2005 to the Afena Capital of today. These individuals are driven by a passion for investing and by the continuous pursuit of excellence.

Afena Insights 21st Edition Jun 2015

Afena Insights 21st Edition Jun 2015 Page 01Welcome to the new and refreshed Afena Insights.

The past couple of years have been immensely challenging for global asset managers and South Africans have not been spared either. Whilst focusing on navigating this volatile market environment we took some time out to reassess how we were communicating with clients and the market at large. Admittedly this has taken us a while, but we are all very excited about the relaunch of Afena Insights and wish to assure readers of our commitment to ensuring that we consistently keep you in the loop about what is going on in our firm, our various investment strategies and sharing interesting, and relevant, investment insights.